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Waste Reception Service


By power vested under the Marine Pollution Prevention Act No 35 of 2008 the Service Providers (Operating in Colombo and other commercial ports) receiving Shipboard Waste of following categories are required to register with the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA)

Category 1        -    Oily Waste
Category 2        -    Garbage
Category 3        -    Sewage


Only Registered Service Providers are entitled to apply for permission to remove shipboard waste.
02. Only the holders of Reception Permission through the form MP/WRS/3 issued by Marine Environment Protection Authority are authorized to remove shipboard waste.
03. Registered Service Providers are not authorized to issue any certificate other than endorsing the section 3 of the MP/WRS /3.
04. Registration will be cancelled when;
The terms and conditions specified in MP/WRS/4 are not abided by the Registered Service Providers.
In the event the conditions of the agreement(MP/WRS/5) signed with the MEPA is violated
The instructions mentioned in MP/WRS/1A are not followed

Waste Reception Service

Terms and Conditions for Reception of Shipboard Wastes

These terms and conditions are made under the provisions of section 13 of the Marine Pollution Prevention Act. No. 35 of 2008

The Service

The Service shall be identified as the Shipboard Waste Reception Service.
Organizations participating in providing reception services will be collectively identified as Registered Service Providers.
Ship/vessel Owners Masters and Agents shall obtain the services only of the Registered Service Providers of Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) for the removal of shipboard waste.


Ship generated waste shall be received only from vessels calling in at specified ports.
All vessels shall make a port call for the purpose of disposing shipboard waste if it deems necessary to ensure the safety of life, property and the environment.
These rules shall apply to sea going vessels of all sizes including vessels propelled by sail, oars and non-propelled vessels.
Where the waste has to be removed from a fishing vessel berthed at a Fisheries Harbour, the application shall be endorsed/certified by the Harbour Manager of that Harbour.

The MEPA Registered Service provider

Shall have to sign an agreement/bond (MP/WRS/5) with the Chairman of MEPA to provide the service under the terms and conditions stated in MP/WRS/4 and MP/WRS/2.
Is a the holder of a Certificate of Registration issued by the MEPA for the specific year of operation.
Shall be the only holder of a valid authorization of MEPA to receive shipboard waste.
Shall have MP/WRS/3 (Individual Reception Permit) in addition to MP/WRS 02 for each operation.
Are authorized to receive only the categories of waste specified in MP/WRS/2 
Should supply the list of names of the persons authorized to obtain individual reception permission on behalf of the Service Provider.
Should notify immediately any change of the address telephone numbers etc of the Company.

Annual Registration

Applications are invited for each year forms those desirous of providing the above service. Eligibility criteria are as follows:

Possessions of:
Valid certificate of the Business Registration
S/L Ports Authority License –(for the appropriate category) for operating within the particular Port/s
License for Purchase Ship Junk issued by Department of Sri Lanka Custom
Schedule Waste Management License (SWML) of Central Environment Authority (CEA) issued as per the Section 23(a) of National Environment Act No: 47/1980 as amended by the National Environment Act:53/2000 and National environment Act 56/1988 and under the National Environment (Protection & Quality) regulation No.01 of 2008 published by the gazette notification No.1534/18 on 01.02.2008, industry / facilities which carrying out Collection / Storage / Transportation / Dispose of oil hazardous waste.
Valid permit from the respective Local Government Authority for solid waste disposal.
A permit from the respective Local Government Authority for Sewage disposal
Sufficient amount of own personal safety equipment, waste removal equipment and trained personal for waste removal operation and capability of maintaining equipment used for oil removal operations as per specification given by MEPA.

Prospective service providers are kindly requested to obtain details of terms & conditions & applications forms for shipboard waste reception service by payment of a non-refundable fee of Rs.1500/= from the office of MEPA at the under mentioned address.

Duly completed application with copies of above (a) to (d) should be submitted to reach this office. Additional administrative surcharge of 10% will be imposed on late applications.

Registration Procedure

The Registration Certificate shall be valid for a period of one year commencing from the 1st day of January and will expire on the 31st day of December that year.
Application for a Registration Certificate shall be made on the specified format and handed over at any MEPA Office on any working day.
The Applicant shall be informed of his acceptance or rejection under Registered Post by MEPA.
Upon notification of acceptance for Registration as a Service Provider, the applicant shall within 14 working days pay the fees specified in the tariff and enter in to an agreement with MEPA.
An applicant may seek to qualify for more than one category of waste.
Upon completion of steps stated in d), MEPA will issue Registration Certificate to the Service Provider.

Individual Reception Permit for Operation

Every Registered Service Provider intending to receive shipboard waste shall submit to the MEPA an application in the specified format for each operation, at least one working day before the scheduled time of reception.
Applications will be accepted only from Registered Service Providers.
Applications shall be accepted at the MEPA Office on week days between the hours of 08.30 hrs and 16.15 hrs and Saturday from 09.00 hrs-12.00 hrs only.

Issue of Individual Reception Permit

An Application shall not be processed unless the payment specified in the tariff is submitted together with the application.
Reception of waste from the ship shall not take place until such time the application is processed and permit is issued
Only the categories of waste specified in that permit shall be received from the ship by the Registered Service Provider.


The authorized officer of the MEPA shall be empowered to inspect any aspect of the reception operation including the apparatus employed for that purpose, and take appropriate steps to ensure an environmentally safe reception and disposal.
Such steps shall include the suspension of the operation.


Sections 2, 3 and 4 of the Reception Permit shall be duly perfected and returned to the issuing office within 24 hours of completing the reception of waste.
No further new permits will be issued for the defaulters of this condition.


Failure to adhere to conditions of safe reception and disposal shall cause the suspension of Permit.
Continued failure to rectify unsafe reception shall cause the cancellation of permit.
A cancelled Permit shall not be revalidated.
Failure to maintain qualifying conditions of issue shall cause the cancellation of Registration as a Registered Service Provider.
Failure to submit returns within the specified time period shall cause the cancellation of the Registration as a Registered Service Provider.
A cancelled Registration as Registered Service Provider shall not be revalidated. (These offences shall be dealt under the appropriate Sections of the MEPA Act)

Release of Shipboard Waste into the Environment

Permission should be taken to transport, dispose / store waste in accordance with standards set by Central Environment Authority / Local Government Authorities.


Application Fee Rs. 1500.00
Registration fee for Colombo Habour
Registration Fee for Garbage only Rs. 30,000.00
Registration Fee for Oily Waste only              
Rs. 100,000.00
Registration Fee for Waste Oil, Garbage & or Sewage only   
Rs. 120,000.00
Other Ports
Registration Fee for Garbage only Rs. 7,000.00
Registration Fee for Oily Waste only Rs. 15,000.00
Registration Fee for Waste Oil, Garbage & or Sewage only 
Rs.  22,000.00
All ports Rs. 175,000.00
Individual Reception Fee Rs. 5,000.00
Note: Working days: Monday to Friday - 08.30-16.15 hrs, Saturdays 09.00 hrs-12.00 hrs (Sunday and holidays excepted)


Payable to: Marine Environment Protection Authority

Mode of Payment: Bank Draft / Cash

Procedure for Individual Reception Operation

Complete and submit the MP/WRS/3A form to MEPA Head Office along with a letter of authorization from ship’s agent, address to Chairman/MEPA.
Pay individual reception fee to the MEPA.
Obtain 5 copies of the MP/WRS/3 forms duly issued by MEPA. MP/WRS/3 form is printed on carbon impregnated paper. Therefore all entries must be made using a ball point pen on the 1st page (original) of the permit.
Submit all copies to SLPA and obtain endorsement in section 3 from SLPA Navigation Division and return Copy-2 of MP/WRS/3 to SLPA.
Once the removal operation is over, get the Ship Captain to duly complete section 4A, complete section 4B by Service Provider and handover Original of MP/WRS/3 to ship captain.
Obtain endorsement in section 5 from SL Customs and return the duly completed “CUSTOMS COPY” Copy-3 of MP/WRS/3to the Chief Preventive Officer of the Customs.
Obtain endorsement in section 6 from owner/supervisor of the disposal site.
Submit the duly completed copy “FOR RETURN TO MEPA”-Copy-1 of MP/WRS/3 to the MEPA Office with in 72 hours of the completion of the operation. (UNTIL THE COPY-1 OF LAST ISSUED, MP/WRS/3 IS SUBMITTED NO NEW PERMITS SHALL BE ISSUED)
Copy 4 of the MP/WRS/3 to be retained by the R S P
In the event of a cancellation of any operation, submit a letter of confirmation from the Local Agent.

Procedure to be followed in the case of an Accident

Report to the MEPA and Harbor Safety Section (Navigation Section) immediately
Initiate action to minimize the damage using your own resources

General Instruction

Registered Service Providers should supply the list of names of the person    authorized to Individual reception permits from MEPA on their behalf
If any person not listed in 6.1 above, make a request a letter of authorization should be provided.
Any change of the Address, telephone numbers etc should be notified to the MEPA immediately of such changes personally signed by the Service Provider.
Any changes to above mentioned details will be notified to all Registered Service Providers.

Click here to download Annual Registration Application

Click here to download Individual Reception Permit Application

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